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View thousands of online TV shows, streaming channels, videos, movies and apps that bring all the video content of the internet together in one place. Watch all your favorite television shows and movies, delivered instantly, free to your home computer. No more monthly bills, no more boxes, Free Live Cable Tv will save you time and money. One in eight people in America will be cutting their cable cord in favor of internet based television in 2011. The software features full episodes of popular television shows, streaming channels and news, full length movies, videos, and even streaming radio. The “Apps” section brings the best content the web has to offer: Direct video streams of news and sports from Justin.TV; Millions of Video Clips from YouTube, original programming from Revision3…

The Biggest Problem With Cable Television is the never-ending monthly fees. Why pay hundreds of dollars per year to view cable television when you can have it for free… no more monthly bills. This is Why You Need Free Live Cable Tv. Delivered straight to your home computer, this fantastic software will not only save you time and money, you will have access to hundreds of your favorite movies and televisions shows.

Adult Porn App Of The Year


The Exite-Mobile-App is doing wonders right now for the adult community. Many people are raving about the amazing features that this porn app includes and gives to a very eager audience. Exite Mobile, first being featured on AppMobiWorld best app page, has risen to a level of unmatched versatility. The app was created by Susan Borges, an unknown developer that resides in Miami Florida. Apparently her history was in the porn industry as an actress for 10 years.  Because her screen name is unknown, its hard to tell who she really is. However, she decided to make strong business moves close to the end of her career.

Watch and Record online Channels. Using the app you will gain access to more than 2000  channels and scenes from all over the globe (more than 100 countries). You do not need anything else, just a phone or a PC or laptop with a good Internet connection running ExiteMobile. Get connected to one of the largest adult databases and receive updates periodically. As a bonus you can have access to online streams with music video clips plus movie trailers. An outstanding feature of EM, which you will not find in a similar software product, is the frame display mode which lets you watch video played content in a custom or predefined size frame window.

Exite Mobile is a subscription service for watching sex episodes and movies. ExiteMobile membership gives you access to unlimited porn shows and movies for one low monthly price. With the Exite app you can instantly watch as many scenes and HD movies as you want. You can browse a growing selection of thousands of titles, and new episodes that are added regularly. Also you can search for titles and watch immediately on your phone or on an ever expanding list of supported devices and rate your favorite shows and movies and tell us what you like so Exite Mobile can help suggest the titles for you.

Text Secure


TextSecure Private Messenger enables you to send encrypted text messages for free to anyone who uses the app. The great thing about it is that it can also send unencrypted messages to people on your contact list who don’t have the app installed on their devices.

Lightweight and fluent: Unlike similar apps, TextSecure Private Messenger sets up quickly — with just a phone number — and then runs smoothly, using an interface that despite its beautiful design remains fast and undemanding on resources.

Nice sharing features: Apart from the ability to send group messages, this app also lets you share images and other media with ease, making your conversations more engaging.

High privacy: Every message you send to another user who has the app is encrypted. What’s more, no messages and no group metadata are stored on the server, making this app a much more private messenger than most other communication apps for Android.

Occasional hiccups: Every now and then, an encrypted message you send fails to reach its destination; the other person only gets a “bad encryption” message. Also, expect minor group messaging errors like blank spaces when texting people who don’t have the app.

Adding contacts not easy: The process for adding a new contact within the app could be streamlined, to make it easier for you to connect with new people you meet.

A viable alternative to mainstream messaging apps, TextSecure Private Messenger lives up to its expectations, proving to be a solid, reliable app. Whether you text all the time or only occasionally, this is a worthwhile app to have on your smartphone. It’s fast, lightweight, and thoroughly enjoyable.